Telling brand stories with Fashion - our favourites

As London Fashion week hits Soho today, the assembled press, tastemakers, bloggers and  - in a new move - members of the public will be making their decision on which designers have innovated most for SS16. It's a hectic and exciting 4 days for budding designers and established brands alike looking to make a splash and show off their new collections.

This year a giant outdoor Cinema will live stream catwalk shows to those not lucky enough to have a ticket, but which fashion brands would we put on the big screen? Here's our pick of Fashion Films that have gone out of their way to spin intriguing stories and capture our imagination above and beyond the pieces they're selling.


John Smedley

How do you make Long Johns interesting? This was the challenge that faced iconic British brand John Smedley when they decided to relaunch the underwear staple in a range of new colours and fibres. But in this piece they chart the entire history of the garment since the brand started making them 2 centuries ago in one neat story. It makes for cinematic, captivating, and even (dare I say it) patriotic viewing. Not bad at all.


A Fashion Film starring an A-list star is nothing particularly new, but this fantastically cosy piece 'Just a Minute' starring Dakota Johnson is infinitely relatable, beautifully shot and even manages to ask some big existential questions in it's tidy 3 minute run time. We didn't want it to end.


Finally for a bit of Friday fun, we had to include this Christmas one from the Luxury UK brand, who use a hilarious story about ultra competitive families & sibling rivalry to tell a truism about Mulberry handbags - They are pretty hard to beat. The film and associated #winchristmas wasn't exactly in the yuletide spirit, but it was very funny and had a big impact for the brand.