Peering through the Orb

It’s snowing in London! Sadly the joyous occasion of ‘Snow Days’ rarely apply to adult working life, and least of all to the self-employed. So with a heavy heart I sit in our office and watch the flakes descend, my memories turn to the last time it “snowed” in London.

We went to the Relentless Freeze Festival back in late October with one remit, to try and look at the festival, and the riding on display in a unique and different way - and to come out of it with a banging short film. We teamed up with long term partners in crime FBBB and set up on the towering Behemoth that was the, real snow Big Air jump in the grounds of Battersea Power Station.

The riders hitting the jump had a rickety ride up in a construction elevator before reaching the ‘drop in’ point some 35 meter above the tarmac where they were buffeted by high winds whilst contemplating just what they were going to throw over the jump. With no opportunity to speed check, and only the slightest margin for error it was then a case of charging towards the icy lip and down to face the baying crowds below. These dudes were quite simply the living, breathing personification of “Balls of steel”. Unlike other lame sportsmen (I’m looking at you mr Suarez) the guys mixing on the platform before dropping in were genuinely stoked on each others riding, hyping off one-another and screaming louder than most if someone stomped their trick

Best to see was the likes of Jamie Nicholls & Billy Morgan, not only holding their own amongst Europe’s snowboard elite, but seriously throwing down, and in Billy’s case storming his way to an emphatic victory (saving his last run to stomp a ridiculously laid out backflip that sent the home crowd in to overdrive).

We tip our hat to your Sirs, you made us all proud.