FBBB Mix Tape

Back in May we went out to Austria to film with the FBBB crew at the annual UK Boardtest. The idea was pretty simple; to film a short ‘intro’ part for the newly formed 'For Boarders’ team, a chance to showcase the riding of those who make up their UK-wide family. It was a great week of sun-tanning, skate parties and summer shredding and the talent of some in the UK scene was truly mind-boggling to witness first hand. The alternative B-roll edit we made pays testament to just how much fun the week was.

This edit owes a lot to the brilliant Girl Talk, and his album length lawsuit-magnet-sampletastic-mashup 'ALL DAY’ which we 'remixed’ ourselves to synch to the riding. And if you haven’t seen its accompanying film, featuring my future bride body-popping her way across the big apple, then the internet really is wasted on you. Have a watch, or Sir Berners-Lee wasted his time.

In a time where big corporations repeatedly try and 'get in’ on the cool image of action sports with dubious motivation, FBBBstand as the example of what it means to be part of the scene and 'do it for the love’. Anything the guys put their name to, be it skate jam, after-party or euro shred trip is guaranteed to be a refreshing reminder of what it’s all about. Fun.