Behind the scenes photo from our ‘Dancing Years’ music video

Stuart (the dad of lead singer Dave) was stoically wincing his way through the frozen pea treatment after badly pulling his hamstring not long after shooting had begun. Stewart wasn’t the only one who had gone to some lengths to make the video happened; we were all blessed and humbled by the fans, friends and dad’s (my own dear Pa included) who turned up and made the video what it was.

‘Doc’, our moustachioed goalie had walked from his home nearby, and was only too happy to oblige us by downing pints of lukewarm larger at 10 in the morning. Jake, who beautifully crosses for the winning header had driven up with friends from Nottingham with only 2 hours sleep after his all night shift at the Toyota Factory. A dedication was shown by all of the guys, both to get there and during the game that was worthy of any Premiership clash - so here’s to our heroic athletes!

'Here’s to My Old Friends’ is released today on iTunes and Amazon, but even better as a 7” single from the band's site. Catch them in a town near you on their single release tour.