Angry Dance from High Six Media

Let’s admit it, there has been a lot to be angry about recently; terrible weather, rampant injustice in the financial world order, the unfathomable popularity of ‘50 Shades of Grey’. But keeping all that anger pent up inside of you is dangerous, and will only lead to the inevitable nervous breakdown or violent rampage a-la Michael Douglas in 'Falling Down’, neither are the answer.

The Angry Dance is a thing of great beauty; a channelling of abject, all consuming fury into a tour de force of choreography and athletic prowess. An Angry Dance is wild and untamed whilst simultaneously exemplifying control and technique, a perfect subject for us to add to the canon of often incredible online remix videos.

I’d wanted to use this absolute eardrum bleeder of a song from Crystal Castles for ages, simply because it is such a skull piercing barrage of electronic pain and anger. Ultimately it is the perfect compliment to Bret, Billy and Kevin’s furious prancing.

Take it away boys.

P.S if you want to see the Angry Dance taken to it’s brilliant, epoch defining conclusion then do watch the video for Toby Gale’s 'showdown’, created by certified music vid masterminds 'Crowns & Owls’