America Manwolf's in London

Manwolfs as we know them began their life in the US as the tear-away, unruly skate gang of  Machotaildrop; a surrealist look at the reality (or lack thereof) of life as a professional skater. When the film finally made it’s way to Uk soil for a Leicester square premiere, we bought our tickets and took our seats in the darkened auditorium… the fuse was lit.

The film starred Scotland’s skateboard wonderboy John Rattray amongst a whole host of mind-boggling characters and when ES released the short film ‘Become a Manwolf’ to launch “some” shoe, the stoke-o-meter went into overdrive.

Fast forward to February this year and in the midst of some hefty editing deadlines the month gave us 3 days of unseasonal baking hot sunshine, it just seemed the perfect time to add our London-centric chapter to the Manwolf canon. Denim jackets were donned, socks pulled up and 'clavas pulled down as we went in search of the roughest spots we could find for our post apocalyptic theme. The warriors got a mention, and we of course followed in the footsteps of the other great celluloid street gang. Would the manwolf’s have Alex and his Droogs in a fight like they did the Warriors?

I guess we’ll find out next time.