Telling brand stories with Fashion - our favourites

As London Fashion week hits Soho today, the assembled press, tastemakers, bloggers and  - in a new move - members of the public will be making their decision on which designers have innovated most for SS16. It's a hectic and exciting 4 days for budding designers and established brands alike looking to make a splash and show off their new collections.

This year a giant outdoor Cinema will live stream catwalk shows to those not lucky enough to have a ticket, but which fashion brands would we put on the big screen? Here's our pick of Fashion Films that have gone out of their way to spin intriguing stories and capture our imagination above and beyond the pieces they're selling.


John Smedley

How do you make Long Johns interesting? This was the challenge that faced iconic British brand John Smedley when they decided to relaunch the underwear staple in a range of new colours and fibres. But in this piece they chart the entire history of the garment since the brand started making them 2 centuries ago in one neat story. It makes for cinematic, captivating, and even (dare I say it) patriotic viewing. Not bad at all.


A Fashion Film starring an A-list star is nothing particularly new, but this fantastically cosy piece 'Just a Minute' starring Dakota Johnson is infinitely relatable, beautifully shot and even manages to ask some big existential questions in it's tidy 3 minute run time. We didn't want it to end.


Finally for a bit of Friday fun, we had to include this Christmas one from the Luxury UK brand, who use a hilarious story about ultra competitive families & sibling rivalry to tell a truism about Mulberry handbags - They are pretty hard to beat. The film and associated #winchristmas wasn't exactly in the yuletide spirit, but it was very funny and had a big impact for the brand.


Behind the scenes photo from our ‘Dancing Years’ music video

Stuart (the dad of lead singer Dave) was stoically wincing his way through the frozen pea treatment after badly pulling his hamstring not long after shooting had begun. Stewart wasn’t the only one who had gone to some lengths to make the video happened; we were all blessed and humbled by the fans, friends and dad’s (my own dear Pa included) who turned up and made the video what it was.

‘Doc’, our moustachioed goalie had walked from his home nearby, and was only too happy to oblige us by downing pints of lukewarm larger at 10 in the morning. Jake, who beautifully crosses for the winning header had driven up with friends from Nottingham with only 2 hours sleep after his all night shift at the Toyota Factory. A dedication was shown by all of the guys, both to get there and during the game that was worthy of any Premiership clash - so here’s to our heroic athletes!

'Here’s to My Old Friends’ is released today on iTunes and Amazon, but even better as a 7” single from the band's site. Catch them in a town near you on their single release tour.

FBBB Mix Tape

Back in May we went out to Austria to film with the FBBB crew at the annual UK Boardtest. The idea was pretty simple; to film a short ‘intro’ part for the newly formed 'For Boarders’ team, a chance to showcase the riding of those who make up their UK-wide family. It was a great week of sun-tanning, skate parties and summer shredding and the talent of some in the UK scene was truly mind-boggling to witness first hand. The alternative B-roll edit we made pays testament to just how much fun the week was.

This edit owes a lot to the brilliant Girl Talk, and his album length lawsuit-magnet-sampletastic-mashup 'ALL DAY’ which we 'remixed’ ourselves to synch to the riding. And if you haven’t seen its accompanying film, featuring my future bride body-popping her way across the big apple, then the internet really is wasted on you. Have a watch, or Sir Berners-Lee wasted his time.

In a time where big corporations repeatedly try and 'get in’ on the cool image of action sports with dubious motivation, FBBBstand as the example of what it means to be part of the scene and 'do it for the love’. Anything the guys put their name to, be it skate jam, after-party or euro shred trip is guaranteed to be a refreshing reminder of what it’s all about. Fun.

Angry Dance from High Six Media

Let’s admit it, there has been a lot to be angry about recently; terrible weather, rampant injustice in the financial world order, the unfathomable popularity of ‘50 Shades of Grey’. But keeping all that anger pent up inside of you is dangerous, and will only lead to the inevitable nervous breakdown or violent rampage a-la Michael Douglas in 'Falling Down’, neither are the answer.

The Angry Dance is a thing of great beauty; a channelling of abject, all consuming fury into a tour de force of choreography and athletic prowess. An Angry Dance is wild and untamed whilst simultaneously exemplifying control and technique, a perfect subject for us to add to the canon of often incredible online remix videos.

I’d wanted to use this absolute eardrum bleeder of a song from Crystal Castles for ages, simply because it is such a skull piercing barrage of electronic pain and anger. Ultimately it is the perfect compliment to Bret, Billy and Kevin’s furious prancing.

Take it away boys.

P.S if you want to see the Angry Dance taken to it’s brilliant, epoch defining conclusion then do watch the video for Toby Gale’s 'showdown’, created by certified music vid masterminds 'Crowns & Owls’

Where is Sarah Connor?

Luke, getting all T-101 on our shoot for Nike the other day.

I took a whole load of absolutely terrible photos during the course of the day. This sweet view of the ‘I LUV DOGS’ is the pick of the runty litter.

I’ll be back.

America Manwolf's in London

Manwolfs as we know them began their life in the US as the tear-away, unruly skate gang of  Machotaildrop; a surrealist look at the reality (or lack thereof) of life as a professional skater. When the film finally made it’s way to Uk soil for a Leicester square premiere, we bought our tickets and took our seats in the darkened auditorium… the fuse was lit.

The film starred Scotland’s skateboard wonderboy John Rattray amongst a whole host of mind-boggling characters and when ES released the short film ‘Become a Manwolf’ to launch “some” shoe, the stoke-o-meter went into overdrive.

Fast forward to February this year and in the midst of some hefty editing deadlines the month gave us 3 days of unseasonal baking hot sunshine, it just seemed the perfect time to add our London-centric chapter to the Manwolf canon. Denim jackets were donned, socks pulled up and 'clavas pulled down as we went in search of the roughest spots we could find for our post apocalyptic theme. The warriors got a mention, and we of course followed in the footsteps of the other great celluloid street gang. Would the manwolf’s have Alex and his Droogs in a fight like they did the Warriors?

I guess we’ll find out next time.

Peering through the Orb

It’s snowing in London! Sadly the joyous occasion of ‘Snow Days’ rarely apply to adult working life, and least of all to the self-employed. So with a heavy heart I sit in our office and watch the flakes descend, my memories turn to the last time it “snowed” in London.

We went to the Relentless Freeze Festival back in late October with one remit, to try and look at the festival, and the riding on display in a unique and different way - and to come out of it with a banging short film. We teamed up with long term partners in crime FBBB and set up on the towering Behemoth that was the, real snow Big Air jump in the grounds of Battersea Power Station.

The riders hitting the jump had a rickety ride up in a construction elevator before reaching the ‘drop in’ point some 35 meter above the tarmac where they were buffeted by high winds whilst contemplating just what they were going to throw over the jump. With no opportunity to speed check, and only the slightest margin for error it was then a case of charging towards the icy lip and down to face the baying crowds below. These dudes were quite simply the living, breathing personification of “Balls of steel”. Unlike other lame sportsmen (I’m looking at you mr Suarez) the guys mixing on the platform before dropping in were genuinely stoked on each others riding, hyping off one-another and screaming louder than most if someone stomped their trick

Best to see was the likes of Jamie Nicholls & Billy Morgan, not only holding their own amongst Europe’s snowboard elite, but seriously throwing down, and in Billy’s case storming his way to an emphatic victory (saving his last run to stomp a ridiculously laid out backflip that sent the home crowd in to overdrive).

We tip our hat to your Sirs, you made us all proud.